The basic knowledge of fabrics

Want to understand clothes in the round, besides the basic structure that knows clothes and its function, still must understand adroitly and master the fabrics knowledge of clothes.

Today we will introduce 3 kinds of fabric.

1, cotton (Cotton)

1 (1)

Suck sweat, breathe freely, strong dress of warmth retention property feels very comfortable, easily coloring and printing, apply to a girl model underwear, create green flavor. In recent years manufacturer also likes to mix cotton character blending of of all kinds fiber. In cotton chemical fiber is joined in pledging, use at adjusting especially model underwear, not only have the effect that sustain, and won't fuggy. Today's ladies still favore cotton qualitative underwear, this is mixed because of the permeability with cotton cloth unique itself of course natural sex, make dress is experienced be different from other fabrics absolutely. In addition from aesthetic feeling for, average the coloring result of the printing effect that weaves cotton cloth and knitting cotton cloth, one is plant natural and honest with green breath, also be other fabrics place not as good as.

2, nylon (Nylon)

1 (2)

Nylon material is strong, won't be out of shape, major bra aglet makes material with this.

3, ammoniac black silk ribbon (Polyurethane)

1 (3)

Retractility is stronger, richer than balata flexibility, often use as the bust is buckled belt, in case when body twist, can have bundle get too close unwell feeling.

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Post time: Aug-15-2022